The goal of a successful business is to meet customer needs. The customer need, aka, consumer need is ever changing. To gratify the change in need, people need to learn new techniques and come up with out-of-the-box thinking. Not only that, they need an environment to make mistakes, be honest about it, do necessary course correction and make the new ideas work. This requires an organization that believes in motivating, innovating, investing and developing talent in-house.

Gaddiel Technologies team


Gaddiel team has a free hand in learning and adopting new technologies. Gaddiel is fully equipped to meet the requirements by training, self-learning and implementation. They are provided sufficient time to understand new technologies and come up with proto-type solutions for current and potential future client situations.

Customer Focus

Gaddiel team’s philosophy is customer centric with commitment to fulfill the client needs and go beyond it if needed. We work closely with our clients to realize their goals and always maintain a professional and result driven approach to engineer creative solutions.


Gaddiel team has all the strengths to take-up technical, creative and strategy development to companies large and small and to provide end-to-end solutions to medium sized enterprises. The services provided have seamless integration with their existing systems. The team adheres to strict international quality standards.


Gaddiel team has the capability to provide mobile solutions, eCommerce solutions, web application development, website design and digital marketing solutions. The team is also capable of handling enhancements, customizations, maintenance and support of existing applications.


Gaddiel team believes in continuing relationship with the customer and support them to achieve the best Returns On Investment. After implementation or deployment and sign-off of any business solution at any level, be it a full scale implementation or a simple customized solution, we provide support services. These services are flexible to the cutomer requirement.


Gaddiel team comprises of engineers/masters in software engineering, computer applications or information technology. They have worked in different domains across continents and have international exposure.


Peter Franklin

Peter has rich experience in non-IT and IT industry. At the age of 18, through a competitive examination, he landed in a safe mundane non-IT job. While doing the day job, he obtained his Bachelor degree in Commerce and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications.

Being ambitious, he associated with entreprenuers, marketed financial products, etc. He had gone through the peaks and valleys of life. His life-hack is 'to stay positive, be creative and pivot as needed'.

Sensing the opportunity in software industry, he underwent a yogic self-learning stint. Gaining confidence, he quit the non-IT job, at first opportunity. After 8 months of search, he joined an IT Company. He worked in different roles in different organizations in different countries for about 15 years. While working at Singapore, he obtained his Masters in Business Administration.

His entrepreneurial spirit not waning, he co-founded Gaddiel and aims to make it a top-notch company.


He is unassuming and wishes the company good growth. Whenever there is need he is ready to chip in and help the organization to reach the goal.