Gaddiel was incorporated in 2011, with the aim to

  • Provide industrial exposure to interns and fresher and help them to be industry ready at course completion
  • Provide IT solutions to segments of society that cannot afford costly solutions and are yet to exploit benefits of IT
  • Provide software solutions to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to stay competitive

Gaddiel Technologies Growth

Before Gaddiel could establish its presence, the industrial scenario changed forever. Smart devices reached the hands of consumers and cloud solutions became the order of the day. There was a drastic change in the expectations of both consumers and clients. Even the recruitment process went through a sea-change. Business-To-Consumer and Business-To-Business companies needed innovative solution to expand distribution and capture new market territory for better monetization.

Gaddiel realized the potential growth for mobile solutions and entered into solution provisioning on smart devices in the second half of 2012. We have gone through all the stages of a start-up; failed to develop products that fit the market, failed to understand consumer expectation or need; was attached to the idea; big-bang approach without getting consumer feedback, etc. etc. We started generating revenue only in year-3 and have grown to sustain ourselves on our cash flow.

With a core young team, ever ready to learn new technologies and techniques, we have established systems and practices to develop smart solutions to cater to different segments of the society. We are happy and proud to state that we have sailed along the changes in technologies. We currently develop solutions in the latest and current technologies for our clients and employ new techniques and solutions in our Products. We have grown to the stage where we are “Getting Real” feedback from early adopters on our Minimum Viable Products.

In this hypercompetitive and hyper-connected marketplace, we expect a transilient change by 2018.