It has been only 8 years since Andorid was launched. In this very short period, the mobile application technology has changed the way people behave and interact with others for social, business, financial, health, purchase and other routine activities.

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An average mobile user, be it a customer or a business professional, wants the mobile app to help him do things in an easier and better way. The capability to provide these services come from availability of cloud-based solutions on pay-on-use or subscription based models rather than perpetual licenses.

In recent years, mobile application is the base for some of the start-ups which have had tremendous success. Many more business professionals are joining the mobile band-wagon to grab the attention of more customers. All new industries are sure to come with mobile-first accesses to consumers.

The future is not merely consumption of technology, but adopting it to create new solutions and drive changes to enable people to accomplish more.

In our solutions, we have moved away from “Product” development to “Platform” based solutions. Each solution focuses on a specific need of the general consumer. Mobile Apps for consumers help them to reach for these services at ease. Service Providers connect directly to consumers looking for these services by loging-in to the platform from mobile-only or mobile-first applications.

  • We hope “Platform” based “Freemium” model will help us to grow organically
  • We expect the initial growth by references rather than by paid growth
  • We plan to cultivate a large user base through the above techniques
  • We plan to employ multiple engines of growth to create a large user base

We believe that some of our plans, when it sees the light of day, could be disruptive, but very helpful for digital consumers.

And it is not going to slow down in the near future.