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With technology pervading every part of one’s life, the world is moving towards a digital revolution. The world’s economy is expected to be 25% digital by 2020. The growing millennial generation looks for better and easier ways of getting things done digitally. This ‘born-digital’ generation is not a new type of customer, but digital customer having very different outlooks and aspirations. They demand a world tailored to their expectations.

These new trends need new approaches and solutions. Business houses have to adapt to the new expectations by calibrating their business models, products and processes to fit to the digital marketplace. Enterprises have to reach their customers, workers, and partners in their eco-system through digital means.

Intelligent and creative mobile apps that can run on diverse mobile devices and operating systems help enterprises to reach out to every segment of the eco-system. Cloud solutions (SaaS) have reduced infrastructure cost facilitating proliferation of mobile application development.

Enabling business on mobile application is no more an option but a need.

Mobile Application Development in Trichy
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Gaddiel Technologies Private Limited is a fast growing and top Software Company in Trichy (Tamilnadu, India) that provides Web Application, Mobile Application and database solutions catering to start-ups, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and large business houses. Among the software companies in Trichy, Gaddiel aggressively adapts new technologies and techniques. To keep the cost of development low and affordable to all, Gaddiel uses open-source tools to build Android Mobile Application, iOS Mobile Application, Web Applications and other services and solutions. We help business enterprises to build and deploy smart solutions for smart devices.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Apps are changing the way we interact with the world. We are pioneers in building native mobile apps - iPhone Apps and Android Apps. Based on need, we do cross platform mobile app development using latest frameworks and technologies. For our customers, we have built mobile app products on iOS and Android, using cross platform mobile application development tools. We have expertise in developing mobile apps with location based solutions. We design and build intuitive User Interface to provide rich user experience. We have developed solutions that handle social media authentication, content sharing on social media, push notifications, voice call, SMS and email features. With our experience, we have suggested solutions and smart features that value added to customer’s products.

Web Applications

While mobile apps help a business to reach the hands of the consumer any time anywhere, web applications cater to data intensive business applications and business processes. We have rich experience in solution definition, prototyping, development, testing and deployment of home-grown web applications. We develop simple web applications and complex applications using Laravel frameworks. Our customers can be assured of an on-time implementation of web application with high quality and excellent Return On Investment. We have solid expertise in handling data, data integration, db design, interfacing, extraction, translation and loading. We have provided solution for ecommerce, shopping carts, integrated payment gateways, authentication with social media, sharing content on social media and SMS implementations.

Web Applications Development

To know more about how we can cater to your requirement, we welcome you to visit our product and service pages or contact us.

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